Business Development Manager (Southern Language)

Gurgaon | India


1. BD for We Media producers and MCN companies. Mainly for the content and group features.

2.Work as a bridge between Chinese team and Indian team, can do high-efficiency communication.

3.Be responsible for your own work result: know what work and what does not, try to find out why.


1.Have 1-3 year BD work experience, speaks the southern languages, including but not limited to: kanada, tamil, telugu;

2.Has the working experiences of Tik Tok, Vigor, and other related work, or related entertainment resources are preferred;
3.Familiar with the Internet, often use YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and other live stream platform, better understanding of Live stream platform;
4.Good communication skills, broadcaster/blogger/influence management experience is preferred, also has good understanding of local content and culture.