Network Transmission Algorithm Engineer



1. Develop and optimize network transmission algorithm,such as congestion control, loss recovery, jitter algorithm, adaptive bitrate streaming

2. Design and develop QoE metrics, utilize data to drive algorithm desigh and optimization

3. Take the responsibility in network transmission of VOD, live streaming, RTC, VOIP and data center

Required Skills:

1. Master degree in Computer Science, Digital signal processing, similar technical field of study or equivalent practical experience;

2. Good software development experience in C/C++, hands-on expertise and smart

3. Experiences in algorithm design, problem solving and complexity analysis

4. Good communication and teamwork skills

5. Fast learner

Preferred Skills:

1. Experiences in network emulation, network transmission

2. Experiences in congestion control, adaptive bitrate control, real-time audio/video transmission control, streaming media system

3. Experiences in reinforcement learning and control theory