Los Angeles | United States


1.Promote platform incentives, explore new anchors, new users to enter the platform, maintain anchor relationships, and handle daily operational issues;

2.Complete the host hosting work, refine, organize, and package valuable high-quality content as required,organize and plan hot topics, and build live platform columns;
3.The mining and interaction of anchors and users, maintaining the platform's activeness, and interacting with users. and maintaining contact with them.
4.Screening and stratifying the content to expose the high-quality content, and  recommende the appropriate content  to the interested users;
5.Deepen the needs of users, regularly plan online and offline activities, stimulate user participation, promote the sharing and precipitation of high-quality content, and enhance the influence of the industry.


1.With IT, Internet, technology, business, and market related experience preferred;
2.Understand the Internet and be proficient in using  mainstream social networks (facebook, twitter, g+, instagram, Youtube, etc.);
3.Rapid learning and adaptability, good at communication;
4.Approved for the live broadcast industry, intends to develop in the industry, and has priority in working experience related to live broadcast platforms;
5.Skilled use of Office, can use Word, Excel, PPT for operational analysis and reporting.