C++ Backend Engineer


Responsible for the development and operation of the BIGO products;
Responsible for the development and operation of BIGO server infrastructure.

Bachelor degree or above, major in computer related;
Solid computer and network knowledge;
Familiar with Linux, C/C++, TCP/IP; have network programing experience;
Good analytical and problem-solving skills; good team work;
Strong learning ability, able to quickly adapt to the new environment;

Internet related work experience is better.

About BIGO

BIGO Technology Pte. Ltd. is a fast-growing Singapore Internet company. We focus on video broadcast and VoIP related products and services all over the world. Our products include BIGO LIVE (mobile live stream community), Cube TV (live stream games community), LIKE (magic video maker community), Hello Yo (voice chat rooms).

BIGO aims to build a global and inspiring social community based on live-broadcasting and video service. We encourage people to share their creativity, passion and happiness in life and make the world a better place.


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